Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post about the Bank of the Nile in 1960

We are looking at the area of the bank of the Nile, drawing it's early in 1965. Where people useful l be so simple and beautiful. There is shine. Generally the suns shine in Omdurman in April. It is usually hot. The men on the left started to cut a piece of wood with a saw. They aren’t finished cutting it. The water carrier filled his tins from the sea and he is taking at his home. The merchant with the sunshade come to the river bank to buy some crops. He is come in his car .his deriver opened the door of his car for him. He is just going back to his shop, but has he yet got into his car. The airplane it not yet landed. It still on the bank .The ferry the from tutee island reached the bank. It going to bank. I’m not ever going to the bank in the week end. I would like to go there sometime. I would like to go there. I think of the bank of the Nile today it was very beautiful. I don't look the same.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Eid

Eid was last week, and i definitely enjoyed it, I stayed with my family in bahri as we celebrated eid in our house, where we slain a sheep on the first day of eid and ate lots of meat, and Sharbot, and the second day we went out to afra mall to chill with my freinds and family, and we came back late night, so we just went to sleep right after we came back, third day I went to visit my grandma with my parents, and we stayed till evening, and went back home, and slept and studied all night to get ready for the new school day.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

How I use my Mobile

Cellphone is device used to communicate with other people, I use it for contact my family friends, its one of very important things in this time, my mobile model is Nokia N73, I use Zain chip, My first cellphone was a gift from my father, I receive 20 calls in day and 10 SMS's, most of my calls is just a received calls so I don't need to charge my card, but the teens in Sudan use the cellphone for unnecessary things like watching videos and listening to music, I think it will be better if they use it just for the necessary way.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My father

My father is Mohammed hag.
He's born in al shmalia aka (the northern region of Sudan) he lived his whole life there, but we moved on lately to Bahri.
He works as a merchant in khartoum market(al soug), he's my favorite person cause he takes care of me so much, and loves me back the way I love him.
But when it comes to my acts, he's serious when its something serious, and fun to talk to also, he's also strict when it comes to me going outside the house, to meet my friends, he also likes to my friends, boys or girls, and talk to them.
His dream is to see me a grown up woman, that can take care of herself and make her own money and way.

How do I use the internet

Internet is one of the most useful discoveries ever, it changes peoples lives, its like a life but online, and its one of the essentials things, that are used daily..

Play online games, chat with my freinds, listen to music and songs, watch videos on, download useful books, check some forums, and use it to communicate with other people around the world.

About me

My name is Sharifa,
I live in Al-Hag Yusif, Bahri. I'm 20 years old, my favorate team is Al Hilal Football club. And I hope to watch match to Alhilal in Hilal stadium. But in Sudan I dont think that. I study in Tagana University, Faculty of Computer Science. I love English language so much and I want to devolope my abilites in english languge. And I'd like to learn more about using the Internet, I hope I can get it from here.
I wanted to thank you teacher Hala, for giving us this oppturinity.